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The Importance of "Whole of Mouth" Equine Dentistry
By Ian Wharton MCEqD

This DVD is an informational guide to what you can expect from "Whole of Mouth" equine
dentistry and why it is totally important to have this type of dentistry done on your horse.
You will be shown why it is important to treat "ALL" of the horse's teeth, and to address the
malocclusions that invariably occur in today's pastured horses.

    This is a DVD not to be missed by the discerning horse owner and trainer.
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How can 'Whole of Mouth' Equine Dentistry benefit you and your horse?
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Upper #6 Ramp & ETR
Upper & Lower Wolf Teeth
Retained Incisor Cap
Above ~ Missing deciduous incisor creating a
Wedge in a horse <2 yo, blocking excursion,
reducing function and causing TMJ discomfort.
Horse was in poor condition on initial visit, very
much resisted any touching, any pressure around
the head. He was placed on  a 3 to 6 monthly
maintenance program , his condition picked up
tremendously, attitude changed & enjoyed being
handled around the head. Since, all permanent #1 &
# 2 incisors have erupted & came into wear in a
normal position.
Ventral Curvature (blocking
excursion & restricting function)
Upper #6 Hooks,  High 10s,
Note the Cheek & Tongue

Upper #6 Hook & Buccal Rim in
the Anisognathic Mouth
Upper Wolf Tooth, recently erupted
#2/6 (first upper cheek tooth), which
is not yet in wear, & retained #7/6
(deciduous first lower cheek tooth )
Retained #5/2, 7/2, 8/2
& Ventral Curvature
Above & Right ~ Retained
#5/1, 6/1in a 2 1/2 yo that was
in great condition. Permanent
erupted caudally to
deciduous & barely
dissolved any root of the
deciduous teeth
Working with a quality Head Light &
Full Mouth Spec
Addressing the
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Upper Wolf Tooth (the 1st Premolar, it is vestigal,
short rooted & easily removed to prevent
discomfort and potential problems for the horse)
Zoe Swain is a world renowned authority on bits and bitting.  This DVD has been designed
to educate the viewer on so many basics of bits.  The DVD covers physiology of the mouth,
correct fitting techniques, pressure points, mouthpiece materials and much more.  This is
the DVD every rider should watch.  Just under an hour packed with English and Western
Bits and information not to be missed by any rider.