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Diamond H places an emphasis on the importance of whole of mouth equine dentistry function and discomfort results in poor health and a restricted ability to perform.
Regular maintenance of your horses teeth is a must! Through our own
experience we use and highly
recommend using an educated whole of mouth dentist trained at the
College of Equine Dentistry Australia (CEDA)

For equine dental industry news please visit the website of the Australasian Association for Equine Dentistry
Incorporated (AAED Inc) and register to show your support

For less bit resistance, more effective communication and the comfort of your horse,
Diamond H uses and
recommends PZ and Myler Bits through the bitting specialists at PZ Products
"A Bit of Wisdom"
by Zoe Swain of PZ Products

Zoe Swain is a world renowned authority on bits and
bitting.  This DVD has been designed to educate the
viewer on so many basics of bits.  The DVD covers
physiology of the mouth, correct fitting techniques,
pressure points, mouthpiece materials and much more.  
This is the DVD every rider should watch.  Just under an
hour packed with English and Western Bits and
information not to be missed by any rider.
The Importance of "Whole of Mouth" Equine Dentistry
By Ian Wharton MCEqD

This DVD is an informational guide to what you can expect
from "Whole of Mouth" equine dentistry and why it is totally
important to have this type of dentistry done on your horse.
You will be shown why it is important to treat "ALL" of the
horse's teeth, and to address the malocclusions that
invariably occur in today's pastured horses.

This is a DVD not to be missed by the discerning horse
owner and trainer. To buy this great DVD online please visit

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